Nongshim Red Force launches PC PC business with Anyu PC

Nongshim Red Force (CEO Oh Ji-hwan) announced on Wednesday, April 19, at the Nongshim Esports Center that it has signed a business agreement with premium PC brand ANYU PC (CEO Ha Sung-joo) to expand its franchise business.

Nongshim Red Force is a homegrown esports team centered on creative marketing and systematic nurturing, created and operated by the national food brand Nongshim with the goal of communicating and enjoying the younger generation.

Anyu PC is a leading brand that creates an eSports complex cultural space beyond PCs with differentiated interiors and services, and operates more than 170 branches nationwide.

This is a business agreement to launch the 'Nongshim Red Force PCS' franchise by combining the IP of the Nongshim Red Force team with the premium PCS of Anyu PC.

The 'Nongshim Red Force PC Room', which will be launched through the cooperation of the two companies, is characterized by combining the IP of Nongshim Red Force and the premium interior of Anyu PC. In addition, a variety of the latest gaming gears, including the Steel Series, will be available for customers to experience firsthand, including keyboards, mice, and headsets.

The MD shop, which will be located in the PC center, will feature a variety of merchandise from Nongshim Red Force and its sponsors. In addition, only Nongshim's instant noodle and snack products will be sold in the store, and a lineup of food containing the know-how of ANYU PC will be added to provide differentiated services in this area.

Nongshim Red Force PC will open four branches by August, starting with the Bucheon Jungbu branch, followed by Seoul's Seoul National University Entrance Area, Daegu, and Busan, and aims to open 20 branches nationwide by the end of the year. The Bucheon Jungbu branch is the franchise's signature store, offering a variety of premium seats such as couple seats and team seats, a gaming gear and hardware experience zone, and seats dedicated to large-scale eSports events.

In particular, the dedicated seats for esports competitions, which will be installed on the largest scale among PC rooms nationwide, will be utilized as a fan communication space for Nongshim Red Force, as well as a venue for various esports events and promotions in the future.

At the signing ceremony, Nongshim Red Force CEO Oh Ji-hwan said, "I think it is inevitable that Nongshim Red Force, a national food brand, and PC PCs, a cultural space for young people, will meet." He added, "The franchise that Nongshim Red Force will create with Anyu PCbang will be a complex gaming culture space where gamers and esports fans who love games can come together."

"We are pleased to work with Nongshim Red Force, which competes in the world's top esports leagues," said Ha Sung-joo, CEO of ANYU PC. "We will apply the team's IP to our existing premium services to create a space that satisfies esports fans across the country."

"We will strive to make Nongshim Red Force PCP the largest and most successful esports franchise brand in Korea," 스포츠토토 the two companies said.

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